We act as a fiduciary purchasing agent by negotiating FF&E and OS&E purchases on the owner’s behalf.

Our disclosed fee is our only sole source of compensation. The benefits of our business model include:
• No kickbacks, rebates or software subscription or user fees
• Direct purchase from the manufacture avoids the mark-up of a dealer/retail model
• Tax is incurred on the manufacture's price, not the marked-up price in a typical dealer/retail model
• 100% transparency

Benjamin West’s goal is to protect our client’s FF&E and OS&E investments, while providing best pricing, terms, customer service, and the timely delivery of your project. We accomplish this goal through the provision of our services: FF&E + OS&E Purchasing, Project Accounting, and Reporting.

FF&E + OS&E Purchasing

Benjamin West's dedicated team of project managers and accountants work with you and your project team, from kick-off to install and close-out.

Our team consists of experienced procurement agents who are fully integrated and engaged in the process. Many members of our team are former designers and hospitality industry professionals. All members of our team live and breathe our company motto of accuracy, integrity, and reliability, and all decisions are based on the best interest of the client. Benjamin West has the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the industry.

Project Planning

Project Kick-Off
Project Requirements
Responsibility Matrix
Project/Delivery Schedule
Lead-Time Analysis
Budget Estimation
Vendor Selection

Project Establishment

Spec Package Review
Identification of Bidding Vendors
Vendor Due Diligence

Project Implementation

Bid Submittal
Bid Comparisons
Project Forecasting
Purchase Order Issuance

Project Close-Out

Delivery / Punch List Confirmation
Cost Savings Analysis
Flame, Care, & Warranty Certification
Financial Documentation
Lessons Learned Review

Project Accounting (US Banking Required)

Benjamin West’s experienced project accounting team handles project accounting management on your behalf, at no extra charge. It makes our work easier - and yours too.

We handle your banking requirements, manage transactions and payments, and close your project to ensure that your liabilities are limited and your project opens on schedule. Our team also has an intimate knowledge of sales tax and tax accrual best practices, so that you avoid surprises - and save costs.

Project Foundation

Determine Banking Requirements
Establish Funding Methods
Funding Schedules
Sales/Use Tax Process Development

Transaction Management

Invoice Review & Processing
Data Transfer

Project Closeout

Final Invoice/Credit Reconciliation
Asset Depreciation Coding
Project Sales Tax Audit
Remit Final Use Tax Checks
Final Bank Account Balance Reconciliation


Throughout the procurement process, our clients have access to a multitude of reports that provide you with data and progress, from the exact status of your purchase orders, to your current bank balance and funding needs. Our reporting includes, but is not limited to, the reports listed below:

Bid Comparison
Budget Analysis
Purchase Order Tracking
Change Order Tracking
Item Status Report
Budget Analysis + Forecasting
Project Forecast
Funding & Cashflow *
Check Request Tracking
Balance Sheet
Detailed GL
Accrued Use Tax
Check Register *
Funds Summary Report

* Certain reports can only be provided when using Benjamin West Project Accounting Services.