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The World's Leading FF&E and OS&E Procurement Firm

As the world's leading Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) and Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E) purchasing firm, Benjamin West has earned an unparalleled reputation for cost effective, industry-leading results.

Uniquely in our industry, we act as a fiduciary purchasing agent by negotiating FF&E and OS&E purchases on the owner's behalf. Our disclosed fee is our sole source of compensation.

We manage and protect our client's investments through industry-leading pricing, terms, product quality, customer service, and project delivery.



Benjamin West was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1998 and has offices in Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Maryland, and London. We work globally in 40 countries with a team of over 100 experienced hospitality purchasing professionals.


Benjamin West acts as our clients' fiduciary purchasing agent by negotiating FF&E and OS&E purchases on their behalf. We bring our core values of accuracy, integrity, and reliability to every project.



Benjamin West prides itself on its diverse resume of extensive experience in all market segments from hospitality properties, to multi-family, restaurants, senior living, and mixed-use properties. Our clients benefit from our broad range of experience and global vendor resources.


Accuracy, Integrity, & Reliability are not just your motto; you and your team at Benjamin West have lived it every day on numerous hotel development projects over the past 20 years. Your team has handled hundred of millions of dollars of FF&E and OS&E purchasing for us and we have been pleased on every project. We have confidence in your capability and integrity, and Benjamin West is typically our first choice for any purchasing needs.

James M. Stormont

President, AMS Hospitality | Stormont Hospitality Group


Benjamin West's Quarterly Newsletter

Global Leader in FF&E and OS&E Purchasing


428 CTC Boulevard, Louisville, CO 80027

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